Blue & Gold Passport to Other Lands

Click on Pic Below for the Blue and Gold Banquet Welcome Sign.



Passport Booklet: Click on the Pic Below for the Printable passport booklet. Remember to print this booklet double sided!! Cut on line and fold in half. The pages are numbered so you will have the booklet in the correct order for the Cub Scout Law. Print the Stickers and have the scouts add them as they visit each Country Booth. Or make this a fun Gathering Activity!



Stickers for the Passport: Click on Pic Below for all the Scout Law World Flag Printables. Print them separate or all together. These printables work perfect for the Avery Printable Stickers #22816 you can find them at Amazon HERE. Or get them at Walmart ($10 for a pack of 10 sheets). Or to save some cash you can have your scouts cut and glue them on.



Invitation: Click on Pic Below for Printable PDF’s.



Thank you Tags: Say Thank you to those who bring food, activities or helped with the decorations. Click on the Pic Below for Printable PDF’s



Country 8×10’s: Print each country out and display this poster at each booth. Add activities or food and don’t forget to have the sticker ready for the passports when they visit each country! Click on “Canada” Pic Below for ALL the Countries in printable PDF.



Table Centerpieces: Just Print Copies of each one and place in the center of your table. Add balloons, flag banners, or other blue and yellow decor to make the table spectacular and focused on the Scout Law! Click on Pic below for ALL the Scout Law printable PDF’s


For ENTIRE Printable PDF Passport to Other Lands- Blue & Gold Packet Click HERE