Grin & Bear It


Click on Pic below for Grin and Bear it Carnival Invitations.



Click on Pic Below for Cub Scout Carnival Ticket Printable PDF.

12 points of the scout law = 12 carnival booths



Click on Pic Below for EMPTY printable PDF signs. Instructions: Print out these blank signs. Take them to the Den Meeting and have your Bear Scouts plan 12 booths of games, food, and prizes. Make sure the boys choose a game they can help the younger scouts play. Write the names on the signs and you have your carnival planned! Ask for parent or other adult volunteers to help man the booths so each boy can join in the fun after he has helped the younger scouts to play his game. For our carnival signs click HERE.



Click on Pic Below for Printable Labels for Recycled Soup Cans. This is an easy game idea to have the boys help you make. Add some bean bags and you have your first simple and inexpensive carnival game! Knock down the Cans! Psst.. they won’t even notice that you are reinforcing the scout law as you discover which cans are left standing.




Click below for printable PDF Banner signs. This is an easy way to have the boys help you with the decorations.



Click on Pic Below for Thank you Cards.



For the ENTIRE packet with all the extras click HERE