Scout Law Collector Cards

Click on Pic Below for ALL Printable Cards.. Just Cut, Laminate, and Collect them all!





Print a double set for a matching game that will reinforce the Scout Law!

These cards can also be used for gathering activities, just hide them around the room and see if the boys can find them and put them in the correct order!


Cub Scout Recognition Awards

I love utilizing the notes section in the Cub Scout Handbook with these Awards.

Focusing on one Point each month gives the boys an award for each month they are in Cub Scouts and also reinforces the Cub Scout Law.

Click on pic Below for Printable PDF


Den Meeting Agenda Sign 8×10

Click on Pic Below for Printable PDF. This meeting agenda is great to keep both leaders and cub scouts on schedule and knowing what is coming up. This is especially helpful for those boys with special needs. Having a visual schedule of the meeting will ease anxiety and help the boys relax into the fun of the planned meeting.


I Like to have a clothespin or decoration of some kind that moves down and through the meeting to give a visual to which part of the meeting is currently going and which parts we can happily look forward to.